Merry Christmas!

Advent is truly a special time at St. Philip’s and we have enjoyed many celebrations to mark the season. Thank you to all pupils, parents and staff who have contributed to a wide range of wonderful events. We thought we would like to our celebrations with a bit of silliness! We hope you all have a happy and holy Christmas…

Photographers of Faith

The children in Class 7 were asked to think about how they could represent “Faith” using only images of their hands. We thought about what our faith means to us, and tried to depict ideas such as mercy, love, friendship, togetherness, support, solidarity, kindness and belief. The children worked in groups to photograph their hands and then they edited their photos using the Pixlr software on the iPads. We are very proud of the images that we have created!

Broadcasting Brilliance!

Mykola Bihun, an extremely talented computer programmer from Class 9, has made a BBC news broadcast using iMovie. He is currently in the process of making a free app for iOS and Android where you can watch the broadcast. Mykola also has his own YouTube channel – [UK] BBC – where you can view even more of his creations.

Stop! Animation in Progress!

The pupils in Mrs Bourke’s and Miss Lavelle’s classes have been studying the genre of graphic novels in literacy. They have focussed on a ‘superhero’ theme and have written their own comic book stories in class. Following this, a stop-animation expert from the BBC visited school and helped the children turn their work into a multimedia project. Many thanks to Mr Mayer for visiting school and helping the children with this wonderful project. Keep your eyes peeled for the forthcoming videos!


We are extremely excited to announce that a new blog launches today. Mr Cooper’s pupils (Class K) have spent the past two weeks creating their own ‘micro-blog’ to represent the school in their own words. The children researched, planned, wrote and edited their own content for the blog. Please follow, comment and read the blog! The address is: