Multimedia Project: Part 4

Continuing from last week’s posts, this work is an outstanding example of digital art. Boys from Class 10 worked under the theme of ‘Welcome to our World’ with the intention of introducing Earth to a visitor. They collected striking images, planned a concept and then used Adobe Photoshop to edit the photos before blending them into a striking montage. The ICT skills needed for this work are of an extremely mature level so well done boys! Click on the image to enlarge it.

Multimedia Project: Part 3

If you love Lady Gaga then you’ll love this video! Seven girls from Class 10 planned, storyboarded, filmed and edited this excellent piece of media work. They were particularly mature when it came to the tricky stage of editing their work. Look out for the brilliant dance and maybe learn it at home…

Multimedia Project: Part 2

Following on from yesterday’s excellent Comic Book upload, we are very proud to present the above music video. Pupils from Class 10 formed the group ‘Hypontik’, learnt the song ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ and then planned, storyboarded, filmed and edited a music video. We hope you enjoy this outstanding piece of media work, well done girls.