Farewell Mrs Slack

Today, 14th July 2011, Mrs Slack retires as Head teacher of St. Philip’s RC. There have been many presentations, presents and speeches (and a few tears!). The following short film has been made by Class 10, Mr Cooper’s class. We hope it goes someway to documenting Mrs Slack’s time at St. Philip’s RC.

29 thoughts on “Farewell Mrs Slack

  1. That video that you made for Mrs Slack’s retirement was lovely. Sad to see her go after such a long time as headteacher. She deserves a rest after all the hard work she’s put into looking after the pupils at st philips. 🙂

  2. bye MRS SLACK we will all miss you!
    I am apart of your special year 6 of 2011
    Bye st philip’s and mrs slack!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Mrs Slack was a fantastic headteacher while I was still at St Philip’s and I hope she has a long and happy retirement love Roisin Murphy 7C St Moincas xxx

  4. What a beautiful tribute to you Sandra, Mrs Boardman had me in tears!! You must be very proud! I know you will look back in fondness at St Philips and you will be much missed. Good luck for the future, I am sure we will see you often xxx

  5. An extremely moving and poignant tribute to Mrs Slack.
    The video was beautifully constructed involving all the children and I am sure Mrs Slack will watch it with pride in her heart knowing that the success and happiness of the children of St Philip’s past and present, is due to the vocation to her job and her love of the school and the children.
    Mrs Slack is an inspiration to the pupils and also the parents. We thank her for everything she has done.

  6. What a fantastic video and tribute. A massive well done to Mr Cooper and all his helpers.

    On a personal level, Mrs Slack you were an amazing Headteacher, an inspirational role model and a lovely lovely person. The foundations of a person are laid at an early age they say, well what better foundations could I have had., I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making primary school one of the happiest times of my life and I am so delighted that my son Jack is now experiencing the magic of this school, like I did. You will be missed but you could not have left the school is more capable hands than those of Mr Barrett.

    You have put your heart and soul into St Philip’s for the last 19 and a half years and so my family and I wish you all the very best for your retirement.

    Love and best wishes,
    Lindsey & Jack McGIllivray

  7. i was in tears in assembly we will miss you mrs slack by the way your granson is well cute!! I will miss you ps hope you liked our magical moments video!!! miss you loads!!!

  8. The documentary let a lot of people in tears, and i was one of them. I am apart of one of your special year 6s and i will miss St. Philips and you Mrs Slack.

  9. mrs slack you were a fantastic headteacher and i hope u have a happy retirement i hope u will return to see us . in september i will return to st philips for my last year it will be a menrable year but i am sad that u wont be there to see me leave I LOVE U MRS SLACK U WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN 😦

  10. Olivia – Really sad to see Mrs Slack go, she will be missed. This video was really well made and so sad.

    Charlot – Awh, this video was dead sad:( Mrs Slack was a mint head teacher and she will never be forgotten!

    We really did love you Mrs Slack and you will be in our hearts forever! Thankyou for making our time at ST Philips truly amazing!xxxxxx

  11. I still watch the documentery now even though it was a yr ago i love it, i was part of it because i was in Mr Coopers then I still miss you mrs slack

  12. I am very sad about Mrs Slack leaving but she deserves to have a break – she has put so much work and efort into making St Philips a happy place.

  13. I just watched this video again and I was nearly crying mrs slack was a really good head teacher and I will never forget her I was only in year 4 when she left an d now I am nearly in year six I miss you loads and I will never forget you thanks for being a great head teacher xxx

  14. Hi. When I look back to St.Philips, as I will be moving on to St.Monicas soon, I will of corse remember all the good times I have had with Mr.Barrett (there is alot) but I will always remeber mrs.slack

  15. i just watched the video again and everytime it makes me cry! none of us will forgrt you mre slack thankyou for being a brilliant headteacher for so long olivia x

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